Here are some testimonials from our exisiting customers.

Peter & Penny Hedderwick, Cambridge

Daniel Geach has provided us with a very professional personal service over a number of years. He has kept in touch with our requirements regularly and wisely adjusted our portfolio as necessary during a period of economic and financial problems. We have found him to be a reliable person and had no hesitation in following him when he established his new company in partnership with Charles Blakey.

Sallyann Short – Buckles Solicitors LLP, Peterborough

I have known Charles for 10 years and he has carried out work on behalf of numerous clients. He has provided a very useful service on deceased estates and I would happily recommend his services.

Fiona Unwin, Moulton

I have known Daniel Geach for 7 years and he has been running my portfolio for 6 years. I had a reasonable amount of money to invest, but very little idea about the markets, risk and finance in general. Daniel is always very courteous and professional, is always happy to explain things several times when I don’t understand and has never ‘talked down’ to me. He keeps me fully informed about my investments, which have been amazingly successful under his management. I recommend his services wholeheartedly!

Roger Tolfree – Director, Cambridge Patents Ltd

Our business needs to maintain a reserve of funds and, being concerned about the low interest rate paid by our bank, we consulted a contact from a national business advisory service. He suggested that we take advice from Charles Blakey who he had known over a period of years. He also knew many people who had been advised by Charles and who had been pleased with his services.

We consulted Charles and asked him how we could get a better income without significant risk. We followed his advice and, since then, have been very pleased with the income returns made in contrast to the near zero interest that we had been receiving from our bank.

We are therefore delighted to have this opportunity of recommending the services of Charles Daniel to anyone looking for good quality, trustworthy advice.

Jo Pooley – Solicitor, Pooley Bendall Watson

I have known Charles Blakey for over 20 years. He has carried out work on behalf of numerous clients of this firm and has provided extremely helpful assistance. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him, he is extremely trustworthy, helpful and good at his work.

Peter & Margaret Armstrong, Dalham

We have had the pleasure of knowing and being advised by Daniel these past seven years. The service that he has provided has been exemplary and the financial return that he has achieved on our behalf has been very positive and contributed greatly to our peace of mind in this tricky economic environment.

Andrew Bennett, MBE

Charles Blakey has been our Financial Advisor for the past 5 years and we have become completely confident in his ability in providing us consistent support,communication and investment opportunities without any feeling of pressure as felt by past associates.

Our financial portfolio has made realistic growths and we feel very positive for our long term security heading into our latter years and would highly recommend Charles Daniel to all our friends and colleagues.

John & Fran Morris, Newmarket

Daniel Geach has been our financial advisor for over a decade and in that time we have been most satisfied with all his activities related to managing our portfolio effectively , imaginatively and cost effectively. One important benefit we find particularly useful is having the majority of our investments managed by one source making it easier to understand and control.

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